Monday, June 27, 2011

Tools of the Craft ~ Boline

Continuing the series on the craft tools, we now move on to the Boline.  For those who insist on using a magical tool for cutting objects, that's what this tool is for.  It's not meant to hold or project energy, therefore it's handle is generally white or some other light color.  Plus, the lighter handle helps to mark the difference between your athame and your boline.   Most online magical shops sell these knives with a curved blade, much like a scythe, but it can be a straight blade.  Unlike the Athame, this tool usually is not kept on the altar.  It's sole purpose is for harvesting and cutting herbs, carving candles and things like that.  I don't personally have a Boline.  I use whatever knife is handy.  While this may not be the "correct" way of doing things, I know that by putting my energy and intent into the knife I use is really all that matters.  I do, however, try to use the same knife every time, but this is not always possible.  And I have been known to use a pair scissors.   When carving candles, I've even used an ink pen.  But if you really think you have to have every tool mentioned in whatever book on witchcraft you're reading, then by all means, please please please get a boline for cutting.  I cannot stress enough how important is to NOT use an athame to cut things.  


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