Saturday, May 7, 2011

As Above, So below

I wrote a paper for my 1st Degree studies at WSI on the concept of 'As Above, So Below' and thought I'd share it with you. 

As Above, So Below
Keaira Shadow Wolf

The principle "as above, so below" was first taught by Hermes Trismagistus in ancient Egypt.  His teachings led to the renowned magickal traditions we know today as Hermetic Theosphy, or Hermetics. Hermes explained the idea that all things we think and feel, as well as all minor objects and events in the universe are mirrored in the larger universe as a whole.  The idea is also portrayed by the phrase of "the macrosm" (the entire universe) is equal to the microsm (each of the tiny universes in existence).

It is said that every being in creation is like a mirror image reflecting the divine qualities of the Goddess and God .  As each cell in a person's body contains all the genetic code necessary to make an entire person, so does a person contain all the information within herself that is present in the deepest and most secret corners of the universe.

The two halves of the above/below (macrosm/microsm) complex, though seemingly different, are really just twins in disguise.  This principle is especially useful to people who perform any type of divination as well as Natural Magick.  By using certain herbs, oils, or gems, he is able to manipulate a small universe (his desires) and force the whole universe (physical reality) to reflect it.  For example, a witch might use Cinnamon as an amulet to draw money to himself.  By using an herb with the natural energy attuned to drawing money, he has set up his small universe in accordance with his desires.


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