Sunday, April 24, 2011

Daily Draw for Friday, April 22, 2011

Today's card is:

Interpretation:  Hardships and destitution.  The unfortunate couple seek comfort and spiritual guidance from above.  A time of confusion and troubles, both emotional and financial.

Questions to ask:

  1. How does the card relate to your plans for today or to what has happened today?
  2. How does the card relate to the person you wish to be/were today?
  3. How might the card indicate the people in your life today?
 So this card in no way figures in to my plans.  On any day!  I gotta admit, when I drew this card this morning I was more than a little worried.  Now that the day is over and there have been no major problems, I can rest...for now.  I know that this is something that will probably be coming up soon in my life.  Maybe not to the extreme that is visualized in the image, but to an extent that will be devastating enough for me.  I am not looking forward to that.    

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