Thursday, April 14, 2011

Tarot 101 - Lesson 2 or Moving Right Along

And we're slowly catching up.  It would appear that this next lesson has quite a few homework assignments.  Next 'class' is coming up quickly so I need to get all this done.  Let's see if I can manage to do all this typing without neglecting my motherly and wifely duties.  Da da da...Super Mom!!!

Homework assignment 2.1 - Symbolism

The idea is to focus on an object and write down whatever comes to mind.  The purpose of this is to discover the 'hidden meanings' of the the things around you.  A white flag stands for surrender.  A star (not pentagram) could mean peace or justice (think Sheriff's badge).

The thing that caught my eye was my Goddess statue on my altar.  She kneels, with arms raised over her head, a look a peace and serenity on her face.  Her silver hue is the color of the moonlight as it bathes us on an otherwise dark night.  She is a focal point, a reminder of the Mother Goddess, arms outstretched as if ready to bestow a loving blessing on her children.

My husband just sees a naked woman.  Typical male.

2.2 -More Symbolism

Using the cards drawn from previous assignment, look for symbols and write down what they mean to you.  From the Eight of Swords I see:
  • Ropes - meaning prisoner, bondage, torment
  • Swords - meaning pain, anguish, hurt
  • Blindfold/gag - meaning to be blind and mute, suffering

2.3 - Reading

This one should be fun!  In this assignment, I am to do a reading for a fictional character.  Well, since I am currently reading The Scarlet Letter I think it only fit to pull a card for Hester Prynne.

For those who neither read it nor watched the movie (I've yet to see it but it's on my list!), Hester Prynne is our heroine.  Tried for adultery in Puritan Massachusetts, she was sentenced to wear a scarlet colored 'A' on her breast for the remainder of her days.  She was considered an outcast, as was her child born of 'sinful' union. Her only concern throughout this ordeal was the welfare of her child.  As a seamstress, she was able to find work enough to provide the food and shelter that her child would need. 
For Mistress Hester, I have drawn the Seven of Pentacles.
A contemplative farmer stands ready with a hoe to reap the benefits of his harvest.  A lush garden grows abundantly indicating a productive crop.  The plants bear seven pentacles which refer to the financial gain they will harvest.  His eyes are looking forward toward the future.
Interpretation: Patience while waiting for well-deserved benefits of labor.

I think this card fits rather well for Hester Prynne.  While she was never wealthy, hers and her child's monetary needs were met due to her perseverance and talent.

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