Thursday, April 14, 2011

Our Tarot Story

Once upon a time, there was a beautiful queen, Lilah. (just sounds pretty)
Lilah was known throughout the land for her warmth and caring.  All who saw her, loved her.

Although Lilah was admired, respected and wealthy, she ached for something more. Her desires were pulled in opposing directions.  She knew she must chose between her people and her love.

Under the moon, in shadows between darkness and light, Lilah would meet with the one who held her heart.  The shadows breed uncertainty and illusion, and so Lilah was never as sure of her lovers' affection as she was of own.

Lilah and her lover experienced a mixed myriad of emotions, ecstasy and heartache beneath the bright moon that night. She knew she must come to a decision within herself. As they sipped wine, Lilah's thoughts loosened and she became slightly more tuned to her deepest inner thoughts and intuitions. She noticed that when she heard the distant sound of a wolf in the cool, night air, her focus seemed to drift away from the man she had fallen so hard for, and her purpose and true devotions became more clear...After days, weeks, months of agonizing over her dilemma, Lilah resolved to face her responsibilities.  For she knew from the beginning that the two halves of her heart would never make a whole.  She knew that to be the Queen her people needed, she would have to destroy the heart of her only love.

The end of her journey found her standing head down - her castle and community before her. The tipped over chalices of wine now behind her, representing her solemn resolve to follow her intuitions. She might then find, that even though her "journey" seemed "over", it was just beginning.

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