Thursday, April 14, 2011

Random Thoughts on Meditation

It's been suggested to me to use meditation as a way of helping learn Tarot. The idea being to draw a card and meditate on it. My question is, how do you meditate? People say to 'quiet your mind'. Um...okay. And how exactly do you propose I do that? I have this unnerving never ending babble in my head all the time. No that is not an exaggeration. Yes it does affect my sleep. I jokingly refer to it as voices but really that's not altogether true. It's more like 'white noise'. You know the black and white dots on the t.v. when the signal goes out (before the digital conversion) that is always accompanied by this fuzzy sound? Yeah, it's a lot like that but with unintelligible words attached, at least I think they're words. So how do I turn that off? How do I find my cosmic mute button? And what about the visualization part? When I close my eyes, I see so many tracers that it makes my head hurt. And I always end up trying to make out the shapes which adds to the headache. So how does someone like me learn to meditate?

*insert fierce growl here*

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