Thursday, April 28, 2011

So Happy I Could Just About Cry...If I Were the Type To Do So

It's never easy, emotionally speaking, to lose touch with your pagan family.  Most especially when those family members are as close to you as your own soul.  I lost touch with three members of my pagan family a few years ago due  My pagan sister FerinRose and I 'found each other' a month or so ago.   That is to say, we started actually talking again.  For the longest time we've been friends on Facebook and we would see updates and whatnot but we rarely spoke to each other.  But thanks to my stubbornness, we have rekindled our sisterhood.  A little advice, don't throw away a 10 year friendship over stupidity...especially when you've branded each other. (we share a tattoo) LOL
It is hard, however, to keep those bonds tight when you go from living across the street and spending almost every day together, to living halfway across the country.  *sniff*   I miss her shining face but I am so glad I no longer have to miss the sound of her voice. Maybe one day I'll blog about our history; how we met, memories we share, etc.  Maybe....

So today, I got a phone call from another member of my pagan family, GreyWolf.  He's kinda like a son, kinda like a brother, kinda like me with a penis.  :-)  We lost touch a couple of years ago due to his spouse not liking me.  Yes, I do get that quite a lot.  Seems he is no longer married and has reached out to me (okay, I found him on facebook first but still....) and let me tell you, it's like we just talked a week ago.  It's been two years easy, but it didn't feel like it.  He still reads me better than anyone.  And again, another story I may just blog about one day.  It's a long story...spanning many lifetimes.  So, maybe....

So there's two pieces of my heart that have been returned to me.  And I am so incredibly grateful for that. 


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